The Story Of Everton Toffee

The year was 1753, and an enterprising young lass named Molly Bushell began concocting an elixir of happiness in an open oven behind her modest home.

She toiled alone and in secret, perfecting the art of toffee. And when it was finally ready, she began offering it for sale. Local children came running, and people from nearby villages began arriving on Molly’s doorstep.

Based on a sweet medicinal cough drop given to her by a kindly doctor, Molly began crafting what would soon become one of the world’s favorite sweets.

Soon word spread far and wide, and fine ladies and upstanding gentlemen began arriving by carriage to partake of Molly’s confections!

Molly’s creation put Everton on the map! Queen Victoria was very fond of Everton Toffee, and Charles Dickens ordered it regularly.

Everton Toffee. Still the original.

What Molly Bushell started in 1753, Everton Toffee is continuing today. Inspired by Molly’s authentic recipe, we’re making small craft batches of butter toffee candy and butter toffee pretzels, each with the same rich, sweet aroma and artisan flavors that enchanted a village and delighted the world centuries ago.

Everton Toffee. Still the original.